There are millions of jobs. Or so it seems if you go by what you see online. Or job fairs. Or even print ads. And that's not the half of it. Literally. Half of the available jobs aren't even posted anywhere. So, there's probably a job out there that's just right for you.

Getting the right job when you want it...well...that's another story. 


why would you sign up for fynalist?

Applying for jobs online is mostly a waste of time. Turns out the best way to get the job you want is through a recommendation from someone in your network. This is why we built Fynalist. To help you get recommendations and to help you network with the gatekeepers of the jobs... the corporate recruiters.

how is fynalist different?

Fynalist is not another job board. Or another recruiting agency. You don't want that and neither do the corporate recruiters. Fynalist really is a candidate recommendation engine that runs on a fuel mixture of quality (you're awesome), relevance (you're a great fit), and intent (you're looking now). 


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how does it work?

At the end of a hiring process, corporate recruiters recommend their "finalist" candidates like yourself to their network of peers - other corporate recruiters - on Fynalist. Once you opt in to the network, your profile is anonymous and confidential at all times. Other corporate recruiters can engage with you directly after evaluating your profile based solely on your skills and experience. They can only see your name and contact information once you agree to their engagement request.