Participation in Fynalist is by recommendation only

If you’ve been contacted by Fynalist it means the company you recently interviewed with would like to hire you, but unfortunately they don’t have an open position for you. They think you’re great, and want to help you get a job by referring you – with their endorsement – to other corporate recruiters.

Fynalist is a candidate recommendation engine that runs on the trust corporate recruiters have for each others’ expertise, and their appreciation of you as a candidate. Someone in the know thinks you’re awesome and deserve to land a great job.

You control what companies and what recruiters get to know that you are job hunting

When you choose to opt in to Fynalist to activate a recruiter’s recommendation of you to our network of corporate recruiters, an anonymous profile of you is shared among Fynalist’s trusted network of corporate recruiters searching for candidates with your skills. If you’re what they’re looking for, they request to connect with you. They cannot see your name, current company, or contact information until you agree to share it.