Good corporate recruiters often come to the end of a candidate search with more great candidates than they have positions for. It’s a letdown to everyone to have to tell these wonderful candidates that there’s no job for them. And it’s a waste of your efforts in finding those candidates.

Fynalist makes all of this better for you and those great candidates you couldn’t place.

By participating in Fynalist you get access to the candidates that other corporate recruiters thought were great but could not hire. This saves you a massive amount of time and effort in sourcing top-notch active candidates. 

You also benefit from recommending your candidates to Fynalist. Candidates you courted so long but failed to hire will think more favorably of you and your company if you help them find a job with another excellent company. It’s a small world. You may need to recruit them again someday. Fynalist makes this easy for you. You tell us about the candidate. We take care of the rest !

Fynalist is exclusively for corporate recruiters. Agency recruiters, we respect what you do, but we all know that these two modes of recruiting operate on different incentives. Corporate recruiters lose nothing by recommending to other recruiters great candidates that they cannot hire. Agency recruiters find great candidates that hiring managers cannot find. Sharing those candidates would be giving away the store - something agency recruiters cannot afford to do.

How It Works

When you have a great candidate you cannot hire, all you have to do is email the candidate’s résumé to us from your corporate email account. We do everything for you from there. First we associate your email address with your Fynalist profile. Then we contact the candidate to tell them that you thought so highly of them to recommend them to Fynalist. We obtain the candidate’s permission to put their profile on Fynalist and to broadcast it to other corporate recruiters who have told us they’re looking for candidates matching that profile. 

If you need to do a search for candidates that you don’t normally look for you can log into Fynalist and search our candidate database. 

When you find a candidate that interests you, you send a request through Fynalist telling the candidate you’re interested, disclosing the names of you and your company. If the candidate is interested in connecting with you, we release their name and contact information to you.

Free riding on the system is not permitted. Participating recruiters are required to refer a minimum number of candidates. Almost everyone does, but we automatically monitor for this and extended failure to provide candidates is grounds for loss of access. Don’t worry. You’ll get reminders and warnings before that ever happens. 

The price per recruiter for access is $200 per month plus a placement fee of $4,000 per hire. Volume discounts are available to companies enrolling several recruiters.

How To Join

Our standard process is for us to identify you and invite you. If you’re a corporate recruiter and would like to join Fynalist, contact us. You must use your corporate email address so that we can assess whether your company is qualified to participate.